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Franz Lehár Civic Association
Work plan for 2012-2013

„The first true European citizen“

Lehár Ferenc
Franz Lehár
  • The aim of our civic association is to pay homage to the memory and work of our world- wide known composer, as well as to preserve and disseminate his art.

  • We sincerely believe that he was the first true European citizen, as he lived and worked in different corners of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. He was born in Komárom, then educated in Budapest, and later he continued his studies guided by Dvorák at the conservatory in Prague. We can consider Lehár ´s Hungarian nationality only a geographical fact, since his life was spent in towns among Slovak, Austrian , Slovenian and Hungarian people. Right from his early years he became a cosmopolitan artist in the Monarchy. It is not a mere coincidence that several nations think highly of him and consider him as their own composer.

  • Our goals are to support the quality renewal of the values of his art, to reach out to a wider audience and introduce his music to the younger generations, widening their musical palette, and to reinforce positive social values.

  • We wish to remind people that Lehar’s music can not only provide delight but it can also entertain in the rush of the everyday life.

  • We strive to preserve the habit of listening to Lehár’s music among its admires, as well as to present opportunities for people who have never met the operetta to become acquainted with this genre and find it enjoyable.

Why should anyone watch an operetta performance in the 21st century? The answer is simple. Everybody needs pleasant and beautiful things, respectively the illusion of something pleasant and beautiful. The world of the operetta can fulfil this need. The genre is still popular and successful due to the fact that it meets the expectations of our century in choreography, characters and performances, while preserving the original form.

Our mission is to keep this typical Central-European music genre alive, as it enriches the cultural life of the communities and helps to develop a friendly atmosphere in the Cross-Boundary Cultural Cooperation.

We wish to promote the values of music to everyone regardless of geographic position, inside and outside of our country. We also desire to contribute to the development of social and cultural relations in our town and region, and also encourage tourism with our cultural activity.

If you share our ideas, values, traditions and our wish to promote culture, please support our association.

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